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Committee: International Atomic Energy Agency

Country: Australia

Delegate: Bernhrad Laurensius Tira, Brawijaya University

Topic: Topic A: Sustainable Uses for Nuclear Energy

            The usage of nuclear as energy emerge in consequence of damage nuclear able to make, if it able to contribute in something useful then it is already time to change over it into one of the alternative energy, nuclear as an alternative energy owing to its material that rather obtain able also compared with others alternative energy, nuclear produce lower-carbon emission. Back in 2002’s summit, the nuclear energy consider as energy efficiency in advanced technology.

            Australia view regarding nuclear as energy is give a support towards the implementation and enhancement for nuclear energy. As a country that have a high demand for energy, to overcome the needed for energy issues, we decided to shift into using the nuclear energy, cause it bring advantages for us comparing from our previous energy. In the Environment Protection ...