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            Topic                           : Sustainable Uses for Nuclear Energy

            Committee                   : International Atomic Energy Agency

            Delegate                       : Nashita Khusnul, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember

Nuclear energy is a form of sustainable energy that can fulfil the energy demand rise, as long as it is maintained for a definable period of time, and its total amount will last for the period of history that needs it. Sweden aims to rely 100% on renewables in the upcoming years, and as a country that has successfully and safely used nuclear energy is working towards a better condition for Sweden’s nuclear production. Sweden is aiming for lower taxation, new facilities and no expiration date[1]. However, recent developments have made reaching this goal harder, resulting in the government ratcheting up the cost of nuclear energy to add 1 cent per kWh. The stricter safety requirements imposed on nuclear plants have caused plants to rake up more money to meet those standards. Consequently, operating costs increase, costing now 3.8 cents per kWh to operate the reactors, while the operators only received aro...