Lina Klesper

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Committee: WHO

Country: India

Delegate: Lina Klesper, Hanse Law School

Topic: Addressing Issues of Mental Health in Areas of Conflict


India is a newly industrialized country with the world´s second-largest population and a multi ethnic society. The country is a nuclear weapon state and has one of the largest standing military. Having gone to war four times with Pakistan, India once was an area of conflict itself. India took part in 35 UN peacekeeping operations, participates in the WHO and most multilateral forums and receives support by the WHO itself


Even though India is an uprising country, it struggles with poverty, corruption, malnutrition and inadequate public healthcare. The WHO Global Burden of Disease study 2015 shows that over 50 million Indians suffer depressive disorders and nearly 40 million struggle with anxiety. Due to the stigma associated with mental illness, a lack of awareness, and limited access to professional help, only 10-12% of these sufferers will seek help.