United Nations Human Rights Council


T.M De Koning

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Committee: UNHCR

Country: Federal Republic of Nigeria

Delegate: Teun de Koning, St Michaël College

Topic: Protecting and Promoting Freedom of Expression in the Cyberspace


Nigeria, an African nation that might by some be considered a so-called “Third World” country. While it is debateable whether “Third World” is still an appropriate term for nations in the 21st century, it certainly does not in any sense apply to Nigeria. Nigeria is a growing power with it being the largest economy in Africa since 2014, thereby it has been projected by Citigroup that Nigeria will have the highest average GDP growth in the world. Economic growth brings technologic improvement. Nigeria is quickly being introduced to the internet and with an admittedly quite unstable political situation in Nigeria it is crucial that with the integration of the internet it will become and remain free.