Sanne Offenberg

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Committee: IAEA
Country: Italy
Delegate: Sanne Offenberg, Sint Michaël College

Topic A: Sustainable Uses for Nuclear Energy

Nuclear Energy has become a prime topic in debates and discussions everywhere as the consequences of climate change are advancing on us. Many people claim that Nuclear Energy will save us from our damnation, which we  have caused by exhausting the earth’s resources.
Italy was a pioneer of civil nuclear power and in 1946 established the first scientific body to pursue this. In 1952, it established the National Committee for Nuclear Research (CNRN) to develop and promote nuclear power, and this was reorganized in 1960 to become the National Committee for Nuclear Energy (CNEN, now the ENEA).2
Italy started having a nuclear programme in the early 1960s with the construction of four nuclear power plants (NPPs) and some fuel cycle research facilities. One additional NPP was under construction in the 1980s and others were planned. However, following the referendum of 1987, which took place in the aftermath of the Chernobyl accident, the decision was taken to stop the nuclear programme and to definitively shut down the operating installations. A referendum was also called in 2011, following the Fukushima accident. On ...