Marlene Wulf

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Committee: World Trade Organization

Country: Norway

Delegate: Marlene Wulf

Topic: Identifying and Enforcing the Obligations of Former Colonial Empires Towards Former Colonies

Modern Colonialism has its roots in the 15th century, when European countries first invaded American territory. Their goals was to enforce their political and social system on these countries by ignoring existing social relations. In addition to this elimination of cultural heritage, colonialism is characterized by the exploitation of resources, labor force and land by the colonial powers. Hence, colonies were used as a source for cheap production and were enforced to import the goods of their colonial rulers. In that way, the natural evolution of the colonized territories was disturbed which continues to influence the socio-economic development of these countries until today. The relationship between former colonies and the colonial empires is challenged by an increasing divergence in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) between them. Furthermore, neo-colonialism, the legal exploitation of labor force and resources by large companies, poses a new difficulty on the prosperity of former colonies.

Norway, as a seafaring folk, has been involved in the ‘scramble for external territory’ as well. Even though the Vikings are often seen as the first colonial powers to rule foreign countries, this is rather a mystery. The Vikings did not establish settlements in the explored areas. Hence, colonialism was not practiced to the extent that Norway had large colonies overseas. However, ...