Maria Veleva

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Committee: ECOSOC

Country: Australia

Delegate: Maria Veleva, German School Sofia

Topic: National Sovereignty and Foreign Direct Investment in Africa


The Commonwealth of Australia welcomes the opportunity to have participated in the ECOSOC Partnership Forum already since 1st November 1945 and recognises the need to better leverage non-traditional partnerships to advance sustainable development. Africa is a continent of diversity, dynamism and distinct economic potential. The African continent and the Sub-Saharan region in particular have been a prime focus of discussions led by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in recent times,  as we are committed to supporting African's economic growth and social stability with the help of Australian direct investment. The security, stability and prosperity of African countries are of paramount importance to Australia and the international community, as they contribute to a healthy geopolitical landscape and provide for the realization of human rights on the continent and all around the world.

Economic diplomac...

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