Oliver Engelter

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Committee:     ECOSOC

Country:          Ghana

Delegate:         Oliver Engelter, University of St. Gallen 

Topic:              National Sovereignty and Foreign Direct Investment in Africa


Foreign Direct Investments play an important role in most African economies. In Ghana, in 2017, net foreign investments amounted to 3.2 billion US-dollar[1], which account for 5.5 percent of its GDP[2]. Hence, FDIs have a significant impact on Ghana’s economic development and growth, which is why the delegation of Ghana is pleased to see it addressed in ECOSOC.


Without FDIs many projects in Africa would not be able to be realized and economic growth would be significantly harder to realize. Ghana, therefore, fully supports the possibility for foreign investments in African countries and regards it as a chance for economic growth and subsequently a way to improve the quality of life. FDIs should be regarded as what they are, a big contributor to economic growth in developing countries. 


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