Roihanatul Maziyah

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Committe        : Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice

Country          : Australia

Delegate          : Roihanatul Maziyah, Diponegoro University

Topic               : Environmental Crime (With a Focus on Illegal Poaching and Trade with Endangered Species)


The island-continent of Australia is relatively isolated, as a consequence Australia is one of the top biodiversity hotspots in the world with a high level of endemism. This privilege is often tied to wildlife trafficking where collectors, in particular, seek out exotic or less common species. Wildlife trafficking and illegal poaching activity could pose a threat to bio-security. Therefore, Australia disallows the export of native wildlife and relatively has low amounts of detected illegal trade. As a member of CCPCJ, Australia commits to be the frontrunner in combating environment-related crime through an institutional mechanism as set by the existing international law.

Australia joined CITES in 1976 and has listed shark and ray species on Appendix II of  CITES which came into effect in 2014. Australia is the Oceania regional representative on the Standing Committee to the CITES, regarding this role, Australia prov...

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