Jessica Cook
United Kingdom

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Committee: ECOSOC

Country: People’s Republic of China  

Delegate: Jessica Cook - Sciences Po Strasbourg, France

Topic A: National Sovereignty and Foreign Direct Investment in Africa 

Foreign Direct Investments are an essential factor of growth for African nations and are allowing them to expand their economies, build essential infrastructures and integrate the world stage. Through investment in sectors such as manufacturing, resources and infrastructure, countries like China have created millions of jobs for African people, improving their quality of life and the opportunities available. Whilst national sovereignty is of upmost concern for these countries which, for many, were colonized and stripped of their rights for centuries, China believes that their openness to Foreign Direct Investments in partnership with emerging countries is capital. FDI enables nations to counter shortages of financial resources to continue projets, develop skills, technologies and build hospitals and health care centres which are desperately needed. 

This is why, in the last decade, China has become Africa’s largest trading parter, increasing trade by a staggering 33% in 2011, with FDI especially going in the direction of Sudan, Zambia, Nigeria, South...