Mohamad Wahidi

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Committee:  Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice

Country: People’s Republic of China

Delegate: Mohamad Wahidi (Ruhr-Universität Bochum)

Two topics are to be discussed in CCPCJ: ‘Environmental Crime (with focus on illegal poaching and trade with endangered species)’ and ‘combating the challenges of Justice systems (with a focus on restorative justice)’.

I.                    Environmental Crime (with focus on illegal poaching and trade with endangered species)

 Environmental safety has always been a concern of the People’s Republic of China. The government has always been searching for measures to overcome environmental challenges in general and fight against crimes committed against nature that could potentially endanger not only our citizens, but also animal’s lives.

China’s first environment protection law was passed in 1989 and since then, the government always pledged to ensure the safety of the Chinese lands and other beings living between its borders. Since 2013, China has begun strengthening the country’s environmental laws by emphasizing environmental protection in its official rhetoric [1] and by amending the Chinese environmental law for the first time in 25 years which shows our country’s interest in taking measures in favour of environmental protections and against environmental crimes. The Chinese government also went further and removed limits on fines for polluting factories that are endangering polluting the water and air by increasing CO2 emissions in the ...