Council of the EU


Putri Rahma Asri

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Committee      : Council of European Union

Country          : Austria

Delegate          : Putri Rahma Asri, Diponegoro University

Topic A           : Developing The European Neighbourhood Policy and The Pre-Accession Assistance


Situated at the heart of Central Europe, Austria is acquainted with the relation to the neighboring countries which forms a regional priority of Austria’s foreign policy. Austria, therefore, pays special attention to the relation to the countries in its immediate and closer neighborhood. Having well-established historical connections, common borders, and effective partnerships with neighboring countries, Austria remains committed to the development of European Neighborhood Policy (ENP) and The Pre-Accession Assistance. Viewed as the tenth most influential member state from up to five EU countries, we prove its adherence throughout the past six-month tenure by completing our most consequential ...

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