Sari Harmsen

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Committee: CCPCJ
Country: Canada
Delegate: Sari Harmsen, Otto-von-Guericke Universität Magdeburg
Topic: Environmental Crime (with a focus on illegal poaching and trade with endangered species)

Canada has been a member party of CITES since 1975 and has been involved on both an international and national basis with poaching. In Canada, the animal most often poached are bears but others are affected as well. Trafficking is a problem as well.

We urge all countries to take a stance against poaching and to protect its endangered species. Consequences of non-compliance need to be persecuted harshly and it must be ensured that offenders do not repeat their action. Meanwhile, endangered species need to be protected from both hunters and other damage that might be done to them or their environment.

In order to prevent both poaching and illegal trafficking, Canada has found the Wildlife Enforcement Directorate (WED) which is responsible for protecting habitats, as well as collecting intel...