United Kingdom


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Committee: NATO 

Country: the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Delegate: Diana-Alexandra Coman, University of Amsterdam

Topic: Global Security and Collective Defence

Her Majesty’s Government deems that the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) is and will remain a key strategic priority for the United Kingdom, and thus the United Kingdom pledges its full commitment to this indispensable alliance. NATO has successfully been the cornerstone of European Security for the past 60 years, proving itself to be a necessity to the integrity and stability of Europe but also elsewhere (The House of Commons Defence Committee 6-7).

Undeniably, NATO, a historic alliance, is at a crossroads, facing a tumultuous era of previously unperceived threats which have posed great challenges to our defence apparatuses. The essence of the threats remains the same: an overly assertive Russia wishing to reinstate its sphere of influence and endangering the sovereignty of NATO’s easternmost members, as well as from a global...

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