World Health Organisation (WHO)
United States


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Committee: WHO

Topic: Combating obesity and diabetes

Country: United States of America

Delegates: Cyga Maria Binoy ,



Obesity has become a severe health issue all over the world and also  in the United States (US).

In United States Obesity costs about $150 billion a year, or almost 10 percent of the national medical budget.  It is a warning signal that NCD’s in the form of more heart disease, cancer, and diabetes, are on its way.

Nearly one in three children is overweight or obese in the US, which causes a rise in the rate of type 2 diabetes among children. Childhood obesity is the most evident, and arguably the most tragic, cause of the reasons that are driving the rise of NCDs.

It is impossible to determine the dominant ones as the root causes of the obesity in United States are complex and although it is definite that those are the typical factors,  such as the sedentary lifestyle, malnutrition, lack of sport in everyday activities


The government is working to set kids on a path to a healthier future by guaranteeing every family has access to healthy, affordable food, and by assisting kids maintain an active lifestyle.

Obesity can deepen a person’s risk for multiple health conditions, including heart disease, and is one of the largest health care costs in the U.S.

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