Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee


Fiona Bernard

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Position Paper

Committee: Social, humanitarian and cultural committee

Topic: International cooperation as means to improve international strategy for disaster reduction

Country: Philippines

Delegate: Fiona Bernard

As the Sendai Framework encourages the State to reduce disaster risk by sharing it with other stakeholders some countries as the Philippines are naturally more exposed to natural disasters that the UNISRD is trying to prevent.

The Pacific rim is an area constituted by a community of the fastest growing and most dynamic nations in the word but it’s exposure to wide range natural disasters is unparalleled. As the Philippines archipelago locates itself near the western edge of the Pacific Ocean, it is in the direct path of seasonal typhoons and monsoon rains that lead to an diverse form of devastation. Due to their position on “the ring of fire” where the continental plates collide and thus experience periodic earthquakes and volcanic erruption .

Since 1990, the Philippines has been affected by 568 natural disasters events that claimed the lives of nearly 70,000 filipinos and caused an estimated $23 billion in...