North Atlantic Council


Ridaab Marzuq
United States

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Committee: The North Atlantic Treaty Organization

Topic: NATO’s actions in the Aegean Sea

Country: Slovak Republic

Delegate: Ridaab Yasser Marzuq, The American University of Kuwait


The Aegean Sea is a sea that is located in between of Greece and Turkey. It is located to the east of Greece and the west of Turkey. The Aegean Sea has been known to be a sea in which many migrants and immigrants coming from Turkey, who are not necessary Turkish, cross the Aegean Sea and enter Greek, many times illegally. In recent times, there has been many accusation of smuggling of human trafficking as well as illegal immigrants, mostly coming in unsafe boats.


The North Atlantic Treaty Organization has taken many various actions in regards to the smuggling activities in the Aegean Sea. The North Atlant...

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