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Jakub Deska

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April 12, 2019

Topic: Means to overcome the debt burden on developing nations


Honourable Chairs, Fellow Delegates,

   Today, as the world is constantly developing, we have to face new problems that concern the well-being of our society. One of the most pressing issues is the debt burden that slows the development of many countries, which are unable to deal with it. Before the debates start, the key thing to understand is that good debt management is essential to economic development. It is of utmost importance, as developing countries, particularly in Africa, are more likely to incur debt and fall into debt spiral - that is increasing level of debt, which soon becomes unsustainable, eventually leading to a debt default.

   Debt has impeded sustainable human development, security, and political or economic stability. First of all, in order to understand the issue, we need...

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