North Atlantic Council


Quentin Merle

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Committee: North Atlantic Treaty Organization      

Country: Republic of Turkey

Delegate: Quentin Merle, Leiden MUN

Topic A: The future of NATO’s presence in Afghanistan

The Republic of Turkey and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization have had an enduring relationship since Ankara joined the Alliance in 1952, only three months after the initial creation of NATO. Originally being the NATO forth front to the East against the Soviet Union, Turkey developed a crucial role in the biggest military coalition of the world. Turkey participated in the Korean war, sent troops to the United States under the NATO Humanitarian mission following the Hurricane Katrina and contributed in the NATO deployment to Kosovo in 1999. Since then the Republic of Turkey has been a fundamental ally, providing NATO a connection to the east, especially Central Asia and the control of Turkey's straits.

Turkey's historical relationship with Afghanistan goes back to the Ottoman empire period, where Afghanistan was the second country to recognize the modern Turkish state, through the 1921 Treaty of Friendship. Afghanistan later on also based their state structure on the Kemal Atatürk model and maintained strong relations until the Soviet invasion in 1979. After that the relationship between the two countries moved apart, because Turkey joined the Western powers in anti-Soviet fight.  

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