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Bruno Salomons

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Beschrijving: Afbeeldingsresultaat voor German ministry for foreign affairsCommittee: European Council

Country: The Federal Republic of Germany

Delegate: Bo Salomons, Leiden MUN

Topic A: Revising the Copenhagen and EU Accession Criteria



Enlargement of the European Union is a double-edged sword. By involving more nations in our cooperation, the EU can become both a stronger economic bloc, with increased opportunities for all her citizens. However, enlargement also puts a strain on our institutions and values. Already, the EU is comprised of 500 million citizens from 28 different Member States. Competently governing such a large citizen body brings with it difficulties, not the least of which is the problem that increased membership has on the democratic legitimacy of the Union.


In the opinion of Germany, there is much to be learned from the 2004 and 2007 enlargements of the EU. While contributing to the European project with much vigour, which was an obvious success to all observers, the increase in Member States caused strain on our processes. Taking decisions in unanimity or with consensus has become increasingly hard, and as more and more people require representation in the European Parliament, the number of citizens represented by MEPs becomes ever larger, putting a strain on democratic legitimacy. Meanwhile, nations lik...

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