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Emma Gerritsen

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Afbeeldingsresultaat voor vlag van indonesieCommittee: Security Council 


Country: The Republic of Indonesia

Delegate: Emma Gerritsen, Leiden University

Topic A: International Maritime Crime


Even though over the past few years pirate attacks have strongly declined in and around Indonesian waters, international maritime crime is still prevalent in our seas. Even though the nature of the crime in the Gulf of Guinea might be different from Indonesia, it is still something that terrorizes the waters surrounding our countries. 


The United Nations Global Maritime Crime program has been mostly focused on capacity building and assisting law enforcement. Even though the delegation of Indonesia believes these are strong solutions to a wicked problem, it is not enough to solve the issue of maritime crime in areas such as the Gulf of Guinea. 


Besides this the environmental impacts of these crimes bestow upon everyone the responsibility to engage in debate. If the quality of sea water is impacted in the Gulf of Guinea is can create problems for maritime life all over the world. Furthermore, maritime crime also includes the overfishing of fish populations. Overfishing is already a problem that...

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