North Atlantic Council


Marius Stemmer

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Committee: North Atlantic Treaty Organization

Country: Hellenic Republic

Delegate: Marius Stemmer, Leiden University

Topic A: The future of NATO’s presence in Afghanistan


The continuous war in Afghanistan is the world’s longest current conflict, which caused more than 60 thousand combat deaths on both sides, that of the Afghan national security forces (ANSF) as well as the Taliban. Even more concerning is the death of over 31.000 thousand civilians and the devastating state of the economy which leaves many Afghans in poverty and a miserable health situation. By not bringing an end to this conflict, the situation will only get worsened and brings more suffering to the civil population. Many young people and especially girls have no access to education and a hopeful future. This is not solely the case in Taliban controlled areas but also in other parts of the country, mainly due to a lack infrastructure, which the conflict is preventing from developing

In order to stabilize the country and bring an end to the conflict, the Hellenic Republic is fully committed to the NATO missions in Afghanistan, assists ...

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