North Atlantic Council
United States


Martin Považan

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Name of the Delegate: Martin Považan

Country: The United States of America

Committee: North Atlantic Council

Topic: The Future of NATO Presence in Afghanistan


Afghanistan has been at the forefront of US foreign policy since 2001, when the United
States, in response to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, led a military
campaign against the Taliban Government that harboured and supported terrorists from Al Qaeda. The conflict in Afghanistan marked the first and only invocation of Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty.
[1]In the subsequent 17 years, around 2400 US personnel lost their lives in Afghanistan, including 2 in 2019.[2] Furthermore, the US has devoted around 132 billion USD for reconstruction there. Over the course of time, an elected Afghan government replaced the Taliban government, and nearly every measure of human development has improved. Currently, peace efforts still need to be supported and stability is far from granted.[3] The US peace talks with Taliban are going well and some progress has been made.[4] The latest news is that the representatives of the Afghan government confirmed that their attendance at the intra-Afghan dialogue next week in Doha.[5]

The fundamental objective of U.S. efforts in Afghanistan is “preventing any further attacks on the United States by terrorists enjoying safe haven or support in Afghanistan.”