European Council


Paulina Kamphuis

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Positioning paper Topic A

Committee: European Council

Country: Republic of Lithuania

Delegate: Paulina Kamphuis, Windesheim University of Applied Sciences, Honours College

The Republic of Lithuania is a member state who is very satisfied with being part of the European Union (EU), it is not a secret that the Republic of Lithuania benefitted a lot from all the opportunities the European Union is offering. Since the Republic of Lithuania joined the European Union in 2004, it brought us great perspectives. Lithuania grew exponentially economic wise, salaries increased, there is less unemployment and GDP increased significantly (Robert Shuman Foundation, 2014). Lithuania thrived more and more ever since the membership of the EU.

The Copenhagen Criteria are an important matter, the criteria provide guidance and it should not be underestimated how helpful these criteria are. Taking them as a starting position, and also letting countries like us, Lithuania, develop positively by allowing us to learn from the crite...