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Ievgen Nykytiuk

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It is a great honour to represent the People's republic of China in this conference and be able to participate in the debate regarding the digital divide in developing countries. The rapid evolution and improvement in internet services and technologies has caused major cultural and lifestyle changes in many developed countries, at the same time increasing the gap between people of different backgrounds. It is in the best interest of all of humanity to work as one, in order to rapidly and efficiently resolve the issue of the current digital divide, and reduce the increasing technological gap between all races, genders, ethnicities, income levels and educational backgrounds.

Currently China, one of the largest developing economies, faces issues with digital divides within its population. There are issues such internet penetration in rural and isolated locations; and problems within the communities, such as the low amount of elderly members of the population using the World Wide Web. However, the government of the People’s republic of China has implemented many programs in order to combat aforementioned issues, and hence gained a lot of valuable experience. For example, in order to counter the latter issue,  the state has implemented free weekly seminars for the elderly that help introduce them to mobile technology and help them with essential services such...