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Kladjola Spahiu

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Position Paper

Committee: European Council

Country: Republic of Croatia

Delegate: Kladjola Spahiu, University of Tirana

Topic A: Revising the Copenhagen and EU Accession Criteria


Croatia is one of the successor states of the former Yugoslavia and the latest country that joined the EU. Being located on the Balkan Area, closer to the EU candidate countries, Croatia aims the fulfillment of all the accession criteria by all aspirating countries and creating an economically stronger Union.

Croatia relies on Copenhagen criteria being a fundamental base of enlargement policy and giving a high importance in application of acquis communautaire before accepting a new EU member. For new EU candidates to follow the Accession Criteria, these criteria should mostly be clear. By doing so, the enforcement of the requirements can be easier and the instantaneous progress in the association process can be measured with greater precision.

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