Security Council
Russian Federation


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Committee: Security Council

Topic: The Question of Palestine – Resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and stabilizing the region

Country: The Russian Federation

Delegate: Maria Krajewska

The Russian Federation has for years been a nation present in the region of the Middle East, developing positive and beneficial ties with most nations in the region, including both Israel and Palestine. This can be seen by the numerous visits of the heads of state of both nations to Moscow and vice versa.

Because of the position that The Russian Federation has developed in the last years, it holds a major ability to negotiate peace agreements when it comes to the conflict between Palestine and Israel and sees it as necessary to stop the conflict as quickly as possible because of the fear for the safety of neighboring countries and the spread of the unrest to the rest of the world.

The Russian Federation wants to take lead in peace talks between both countries as it is a trustworthy nation, pledging neutrality which it sees as one of the most important factors of being a good broker for the negotiations.

Because of the recent actions of the United States of America such as giving Israel jurisdiction rights over the Goran mountains, the Russian Federation no longer sees the country as a trustworthy broker because of the uniquely pro-Israeli actions of the country which only lead to more unrest and the renewal of battle between Israel and Palestine, worsening the situation.

The Russian Federation is in favor of the two-state solution which would allow both Israel and Palestine co-exist, solving the conflict. The Russian Federation understand the vies of both sides and wants to listen to what both countries want and need in order to assure that the outcome would be peaceful and satisfactory for both countries.

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