International Telecommunication Union


Mikołaj Kahl

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Delegation from the Federal Republic of Nigeria

International Telecommunications Union

Addressing the problem of digital divide in developing countries

Honorable Chairs and dear Delegates,

                The Federal Republic of Nigeria is greatful for a possibility to take part in this conference as well as belong to the International Telecommunications Union. In today’s world of technology, with hundreds of millions of people having access to internet and telecommunication, the ICT sector thrives and develops at a nearly unimaginable rate. Access to ICT offers new possibilities people did not even dream of in the past like online banking or trading. Although access to the internet is becoming an obvious thing around the globe, and as of April 2019, 56.1% of World’s population has access to the internet, more than 80% of users are in developed countries. Not all countries have equal opportunities to develop ICT technologies on a global standard as developing countries and LDCs lack financial possibilities to invest in new infrastructure and the developement of technology in the telecommunication sector. The International Telecomunication Union is trying to minimise the digital divide by encouraging other ...