Human Rights Council


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Committee: Human Rights Council

Country: Hungary

Delegate: Marina Thiebaut Lovato, Metropolitan University of Budapest

Topic A: Reform of the 1961 Convention on the Reduction of the Statelessness to address human rights violations in Myanmar and Palestine

As the European Network on Statelessness encouraged the creation of stateless-specific protection regimes, Hungary became one of the few country in the world that guarantees formal status to people it recognized as stateless; this also acts as part of the effort that Hungary is making to respect its engagement towards the 1961 Convention, to which Hungary’s accession only happened on 12th May 2009, making it one of the last country to join. 

Once a person is given a stateless official status in Hungary, he or she shall be granted a residence permit on humanitarian grounds, which validity shall be three years and may be extended one year at a time. If requested, a one-year travel document can also be issued. It is important to add that most of the people requesting this particular status are originating from former Yugoslavia, former Soviet Union or conflicted Palestine.

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