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Hannah Maier

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Position Paper AUCMUN

April 3, 2019

Hannah Maier

United Nations Security Council

Representing Federal Republic of Somalia

Topic A: Reevaluating the role of the UNSC resolving the Kashmir conflict

As stated in the study guide the Kashmir conflict is one of the oldest continuing conflicts in the modern era.[1] The conflict is described as a territorial conflict between Pakistan and India over the Kashmir region. The original clash between the countries started in 1947 with the partition of the newly emerged countries Pakistan and India. The violent events that occurred in 1947 led to the first Indian- Pakistani war taking many lives and causing destruction in the region. The following time period, violent incidents and many years of war made the Kashmir area one of the most militarized regions in the world.[2] The event that recently has reignited the conflict again was a bombing in February of this year. [3] An ongoing and long-lasting conflict such as this one always takes its toll on a country and culture effecting the living situation in a very intense way.[4] But since it is not one of the most actively presented cases in the media, often people are unaware of the serious conflict going on.

Unfortunately, any UN efforts to resolve the conflict have made little impact which is why the conflict has been going on for over 70 years. [5] India first contacted the UN in 1948 as an attempt to solve the situation. The UN passed several resolutions attempting to regain peace for the regions. That resulted in a Commission that was established to monitor and undertake the conflict. As it becomes visible in the first paragraph the UNSC attempts to solve the armed conflic...

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