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Al Jazeera


Donata Nebel

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NATO committee

Topic A: Countering Russians Aggression In Eastern Europe and Strengthening The Black Sea Region

Topic B: The Future Of NATO: Exploration of Membership Criteria, Potential Enlargement And Restructuring

Delegation: Press Corps, representing Al-Jazeera


The North-Atlantic-Treaty-Organization (NATO) was formed 1949, aiming to deal with the aggression perceived from the former Soviet Union. In contrast to other UN committees, NATO’s decision-making process is based on consensus and not ruled by majority voting. One of the major characteristics of the Washington treaty is Charter 4 and 5, where NATO’s collective defence system is addressed. Beginning in the 90’s many States of the former Soviet Union joined the NATO. Even Russia announced its interest of being part of the NATO around the turn of the century.

 However, the relationship between Russia and ...

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