Historical Security Council


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Honorable chairs and fellow delegates

Yom Kippur war has started just a week ago and it has already caused too many deaths. It may seem as just another war in the Middle East but for us, all the Arab states, it is another episode of the long lasting conflict between us and the evil state of Israel, which started in 1948 when it was decided to abandon one nation in favour of another and Arabic opinions were not taken under any consideration by the United Nations. Our palestinian brothers were betreyed by the treacherous western countries and without our approval an aberration was formed within their land. Latest decades have shown that this aberration works just like cancer, spreading through the body of Arab countries which, despite that, had other problems caused by not only the finally fallen ottoman empire, but also by the same countries that are responsible for what we are seeing now. Signators of the Sykes-Picot agreement are responsible for not a long lasting peace but for a long lasting disorder in the Middle East. It may be said that Arabs had been aggres...