Human Rights Council


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Delegate: Karolina Sasim

Committee: Human Rights Council

Topic: Addressing mass surveillance carried out by governments

Country: Republic of India


Honourable chairs, distinguished delegates,

the delegate of Republic of India is honoured to take part in the conference on the subject: „ Addressing mass surveillance carried out by governments” and join Human Rights Council at the debate. In the name of government of India the delegation feels urged to do anything in its power to help finding a solution to this controversial problem. Republic of India has always been concerned about its people’s security but uses multiple measures of surveillance as it becomes more and more necessary with passing years.

Mass surveillance is the distributive close observation of an entire population, or a substantial fraction of the entire population. By its nature it impacts on people’s privacy and violates human rights in its core meaning. The definition of mass surveillance doesn’t only apply to government of a country’s citizen but also to governments of foreign nations. Surveillance is usually carried out by local and federal governments or organisations that come under the government of a country (like the NSA or FBI). Its purpose is to fight terrorism, prevent crime and