Economic and Social Council
Iran, Islamic Republic of


Zoe Fujiwara
United States

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Delegate: Zoe Fujiwara 

Committee: Economic and Social Council

Country: Islamic Republic of Iran

Topic A: The Consequences of China’s Belt and Road Initiative for the Global Economy

In light of the political and economic situation that the Islamic Republic of Iran faces, including trade sanctions from prejudiced nations such as the US and Western Europe (Gronholt-Pedersen, et al., 2019;, 2019), Iran sees reshaping the global order of commerce to be more inclusive of developing nations as a high priority. The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) represents one important mechanism which promises to lift up the rest of the world to be more competitive with neocolonialist first world powers, primarily empowering them economically. Iran benefits from and thus supports the BRI. Iran believes the cooperation and economic development the BRI promotes (The National Development and Reform Commission, et al., 2015) is desirable not only for the opportunities for cohesion and discussion it creates for developing nations but also as an essential step towards meeting the UN’s 2030 Agenda (General Assembly, 2015).

With projects under the BRI aligned with (though not directly linked to (Shepard, 2017)) dev...