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Female Genital Mutilation has always been one of the biggest issues in Guinea. Over 97% of women aged 15-49 have undergone FGM and these numbers are still rising. Most likely to be cut are women from Muslim families (99,2%), although those from different religious affiliations are at a great risk too (Christian – 78,4%, other – 89,5%). Every ethnic group in Guinea is affected by FGM, there are no exceptions.

The biggest issue are the social factors which lead to FGM in Guinea. Girls who are not cut when they are young face social exclusion and are not able to function normally in the society. They are often not able to get married and as a result, don’t have kids or are separated from their family, which considers them “not clean”. FGM is a cultural tradition for people in Guinea, therefore they are doing whatever they can to keep it. Due to lack of education and pressure from men (fathers, husbands) women don’t understand how dangerous FGM really is. Myths, like one, that woman can’t have a...