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Sarah Jenkins
United States

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Cybersecurity and cybercrimes, with a focus on a potential establishment of the UN cybersecurity council

Cyberspace, which includes social media, is often used in conflicts to suspend adversary communications systems. These types of cyberattacks can have dramatic effects including, but not limited to, exploding oil refineries, runaway satellites and agriculture shutdowns. Cyberspace activities can be used not only to disrupt physical information systems, but to influence attitudes and behaviors to achieve political and military goals. Social media simplifies the process of gathering detailed information about states, state networks, actors and related communication thereby helping any group gain a better understanding of the information environment or target group without physically being present. Such activities are aimed at creating anarchy and maximizing security and power. As a state becomes more powerful, it will attempt to maximize its influence and control its surrounding environment. If cyberattacks have the goal of destabilizing international relations, then the easily accessible and wildly faceless world of cyberspace holds the unguarded the key to sabotaging and undermining any and every force.