Security Council


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Committee: Security Council

Country: Federal Republic of Germany

Topic: Tackling the Issue of Ukrainian-Russian Conflict and Finding Ways to Prevent Hybrid Wars

The Ukrainian-Russian conflict, being the reason for this conference, has proven to be an immensely troublesome issue, considering that it lasts for years lacking a nigh end. Having resulted in thousands of casualties, it is a dreadful tragedy, depriving hundreds of thousands of both tranquility and dignity. What Germany recognizes as an annexation of territory belonging to a neighbouring state is an unprovoked use of military force worth condemnation and an evident violation of international law. The so-called “referendum”, in which the preservation of the status quo was not a choice, was not monitored or recognised by any of the world’s independent international organisation; thus, treated as unlawful. As Germany shares similar values and an economic cooperation with Ukraine, it perceives Ukraine as an ally; therefore is firmly committed to its national integrity and wishes to defend it at all costs.

Federal Republic of Germany was among the first states to address the Russian aggression as well as respond to the deepening Ukraine crisis and have not...

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