United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime


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Name: Grzegorz Bisewski

Country: Swaziland

Committee: United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime

Topic: Combating Global HIV Epidemic with a Particular Focus on Drug Users and Prisoners

HIV and AIDS have had a devastating effect on the Swaziland. Despite its small size, it has the highest HIV prevalence in the world, with 27.4% of adults living with HIV. It is about 210 000 people. Swaziland is not a big country, as there only lives nearly 1.5 million people. In 2017, 7000 adults were infected with HIV and 3500 died of an AIDS-related illness. Kingdom of Swaziland has been classified as a low-middle income country with 63% of people in Swaziland living below the poverty line. In 2015/2016 a regional drought has severely affected Swaziland, as some of the parts of the country are still experiencing drought conditions with poor harvests. This has a long-term effect on the rural poor and especially people living with HIV. According to 2015 estimates, life expectancy in Swaziland is 57 years for men and 61 years for women.

Heterosexual sex was recognised to be the main mode of HIV transmission – accounting f...