Korea, Democratic People's Republic of


David Gyorke

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Topic: Combating sexual violence in conflict zones. Taking measures to prevent youth recruitment by criminal and terrorist groups

Committee: ECOSOC

Country: Hungary

Delegate: Dávid Györke, Meridian International School of Prague

Honourable chairs and fellow delegates, The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is delighted to be invited to this conference as again on behalf of our people to express Korea’s opinion.We look forward to the opportunity to develop a true and fair United Nations by exposing the powers of the west in their imperialist propaganda mission to shade the opinion of the people. As well as to conquer new territories with their influence. To finally call upon the countries to realize the truth, the right way of our world, is Communism where every one of us is equal and not getting used by the Bourgeoisie and oligarchs of the lying government. We are disgusted by the western countries how they are bullying and using the countries of the east for their own benefit in their colonial mission. They attacked our beautiful stable country just because they were scared that communism would expose their Politicians and oligarchs about the corruption that they are committing against their own people.They separated the Korean Peninsula and brainwashed the southern people from the right and true way of communism. They abused and harassed our women they forced their own will on them as well as our brother-nations in the fight against imperialist countries such as Vietnam. ...