High School ECOSOC - UN Forum on Forests


rongrong fan

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Committee: Economic and Social Council

Topic: Forests and the Sustainable Development Goals

Country: Islamic Republic of Pakistan

School: Global Leader Education Platform

Delegate: Fan rongrong


Sustainable forest development can be defined as the balance between the consumption and the conservation of the forest. As the Sustainable Development Goals Report 2018 stated, sustainable forest management has become increasingly important since its often closely related with climate change, agriculture, biodiversity etc. Whats more, a sustainably managed ecosystem vital to the development of  the country.


Nowadays, the fast population growth has put great pressure on agriculture and industry, which may eventually lead to severe environmentally problems such as degradation, deforestation and bio loss. With the joint efforts of all nations, the rate of forest loss has dropped by 25 percent from 2000-2005. However, Forest area certified in Central and Southern