University ECOSOC - Commission on Population and Development


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Delegate: Syauqi Nur Isra Zata Amani

Topic: Changing Population Demographics and Sustainable Development

Country: Romania

Committee: Economic and Social Council – Commission on Population and Development

Romania, as well as many other countries in Europe and other region in the world, will face what demographers call as “demographic shock” such as rapid population decline. By the year of 2030, Romania is predicted to reach the population number of 17.6 million, a decrease of 9.7% from the year 2015[1]. In 2050, the population of Romania will keep declining until it reaches the number of 15.2 million. This ongoing depopulation happens due to low fertility rate, high mortality rate, and negative net migration. Negative net migration indicates that there is more people left the country than those who entered. The Immigrant Integration Research Centre said that around 3.4 million of Romanians have fled t...