University General Assembly Sixth Committee


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The Republic of Ecuador     Zakiyah Salsabila Syafhil

General Assembly Sixth Committee: “Measures to Eliminate Terrorism”

1.1 Topic Background

The rise of terrorism is a growing concern domestically and internationally. This situation has led States and international organizations such as the United Nations to react by developing their counterterrorism capacities. The Republic of Ecuador assigns great importance to the role which the United Nations must play to establish a world order based on the respect for International Law, the norms and principles established in its Constitutive Charter, the promotion and the respect for human rights and for International Humanitarian Law.

1.2 Country Position

After the end of Cold War, The Republic Ecuador believes the confrontation between two ways of life and strong powers could solve economic and social problems of this planet. Almost four decades have elapsed and we see with concern that those crisis has increased, social cohes...