High School General Assembly Fourth Committee B


Deethya Makonahalli
United States

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 Committee : General Assembly Fourth committee B

Agenda : Peace Operations

 Country : Australia

Delegate name : Deethya Gowda Makonahalli

Peacekeeping refers to the activities intended to create conditions that favor lasting peace. Peacekeeping in most projects have shown to reduce civilian and battlefield deaths alongside reducing the risks of renewed welfare. The peacekeeping army is a unique and dynamic instrument developed by the United Nations as a way to create long lasting peace. Countries in the circumstances of armed conflict deteriorate given that there are civilian deaths, aggression and the countries suffer in debt and destruction. Peacekeeping monitors countries in conflict or post-conflict to ensure that there is an absence of violence in any form, the conflict does not shift from a political crisis and to maintain peace by preventing either side of the conflict from introducing arms into the dispute. 

Since its introduction over 70 peacekeeping missions have been deployed. Countries such as Cambodia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mozambique, Namibia and Tajikistan have benefitted from peacekeeping with reso...