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Sophia Schultz
United States

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Sophia Schultz

ESOSOC: UN Forum on Forests- Samoa

90% of Samoan exports are agricultural, including the production of coconut and copra products. These products require large amounts of land clearing of permanent crops, which cause soil erosion and deforestation. Many estimate that about 80% of Samoans original forestry is gone, with most of its trees being cut down in the newest century. Overtime, the cultural practice of isolation is ineffective in protecting the environment and the economy of its land. If the land, the habitat of plants and animals is not protected, Samoa will be losing much of its biodiversity. Not only this but its own tropical forests are critical sources for water that is drinkable, food, and even medicine. These trees also prevent the damages from floods and droughts- by diminishing the regional amount of rainfall. The issue of deforestation is contributing to 15% of the entire global warming, which is thus detrimenting the qualities of lives, and contributing to the displacement of many natives.  

The government of Samoa has chosen to stay inactive from the forestry division of the REDD disk, causing the state to be uninvolved in many policies that provide additional benefits to reduce deforestation. Because of deforestation- Samoa’s forests (Mangrove, Wetland, and Coastal) are threatened, therefore their entire ecosystem is unhealthy. This unhealthiness has cause...