University General Assembly Sixth Committee


Zoe O'Dwyer

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 Committee: General Assembly 6th Committee 

Topic: Measures to Eliminate Terrorism

Country: Germany

School: Bond University


Terrorism is a global phenomenon that threatens the collective freedom and security of the international society as well as the very structures of the international order. It has been responsible for over 400,000 fatalities worldwide since 1970, with 50% occurring in the last 8 years. Whilst largely militarily defeated, terrorist groups have transcended national borders by exploiting technological advances, to transform into global networks. The globalization of violent extremism, the target on democratic structures, the recruitment and radicalisation of foreign supporters and the lack of institutional capabilities of Member States to deal with the threat has influenced responses from the UN. Arguably the most pivotal movement to address terrorism has been the adoption of the United Nations ‘(UN’) Global Counter Terrorism Strategy (‘Strategy’) through A/RES/60/288. The Strategy serves as a guideline for Member States to collectively counter terrorism in all its evolving forms and manifestations. Part of the UN’s Strategy called for the ending of the dehumanization of the victims of terror. The Global Symposium on Supporting Victims of Terro...