High School General Assembly Second Committee A


Accalia Plummer

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Name: Accalia Plummer

Country: Senegal 

Committee : High School General Assembly Second Committee A 

Topic: Agricultural Development, food security and nutrition 

    The second sustainable development goal, Zero Hunger, aims at achieving global food security; where every human being has access to the basic unit of life – nutritious food – at an affordable rate. The improvement of agricultural systems is also pivotal since agriculture, food security and nutrition have a symbiotic relationship. As the delegate of the Republic of Senegal, I speak to you at a time when there are, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) (2015), around 821 million persons who are facing severe undernourishment worldwide. This enforces the fact that food security is a major issue globally more so in the sub regions of Africa and South America. Many of these countries greatly rely on the agricultural sector to foot their expenses. However, with climate change and conflict impacting agriculture, a domino effect has started with food security, severely threatening nutrition.

 These   scenarios can and will   interfere with global production and the population of our world. Obesity, anemia, malnutrition, and under nourishment, tend to plague children and women as they are unable to access food with proper nutritional value due to unaffordability. The international neighborhood eyes are wide open to the changes in maternal and child care, water sanitation, the dietary diversity of food consumed and produced, and how recent climate changes have affected productivity in the agriculture industry. Consequently, many active organizations such as The United Nations FAO, World Food Program, and The International Fund for Agricultural Development, and The European Union have been creating agricultural policies in an effort to assist various countries, as food security and nutrition are among their priorities. The G8 and G20 summits have focused on combating said world issues. There has also been the formation of the Scaling up Nutrition (SUN) movement which has evolved into a global push for action and investment in maternal and child nutrition. Also, countries such as The United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Austral...