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Papua New Guinea


Emily Carlisle
United States

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Emily Carlisle

UN Forum on Forests

Forests and Sustainable Development Goals in Papua New Guinea

January 21, 2019

Around the world, forests offer a crucial role in maintaining the basic means of life, including the production of oxygen, natural resources and water, as well as habitat for both humans and wildlife. In addition to the basic benefits offered to humans and animals, forests also allow for economic and social development in every country, including employment opportunities and income generation. Across the world, more than 13 million people occupy forest related jobs, and 300 million live within forests. Whether consciously or not, humans have an innate dependency on forests and its properties, and the maintenance of such forests is imperative to ensure international sustainability. A major detriment to the natural state of forests around the world and their overall prosperity is that of deforestation. The loss of forests as a result of this practice results in a widespread array of negative impacts on both the natural and cultural facets of life. The ecological balance is altered with each forest that is destroyed, resulting in habitat degradation, loss of species and biodiversity, climate modifications, and loss of water cycling....