High School General Assembly Second Committee C


Derricka Wolfe

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Delegation: Republic of Tajikistan

 Committee: General Assembly Second Committee C

 Topic: Eradication of poverty and other development issues 

 Delegate: Derricka Wolfe

 School: Vere Technical High

"Success is not final failure is not fatal it is the courage to continue that counts" as quoted by Winston Churchill. Poverty, what is poverty? Absolute poverty has been seen as a matter of acute deprivation, hunger, premature death and suffering. This captures an important understanding of poverty and its relevance remains widespread in parts of the world today. It focuses attention on the urgent need for action. A condition characterised by severe deprivation of basic human needs, including food, safe drinking water, sanitation facilities, health, shelter, education and information. It depends not only on income but also on access to services. The continent of Asia has been struggling with poverty and other development issues. Tajikistan my country as a member of Central Asia, with an inhabitant of over 8 million people is also affected by this world event. Tajikistan is a small landlocked country vulnerable to natural disasters and the influence of external economic conditions. Shortly after its independence in 1991, the country descended into a civil war that brought widespread physical damage and loss of life. It is regularly affected by floods, landslides, earthquakes, and droughts, and only 7 percent of its total land area...