High School General Assembly Third Committee A
Costa Rica


Christina cha

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Country     : Costa Rica

Committe  : General Assembly Third Committee A

Name         : Christina Zagita

School        : Sekolah Perkumpulan Mandiri

Topic Area : Advancement of Women


Though women’s empowerment is viewed as vital to sustainable development, the interconnections between social, economic, and political empowerment have often been overlooked in practice. We believe that the progress towards gender equality and women’s empowerment can never be attained with a myopic view of isolating women or disregarding their recourse to basic rights that ranges from quality services, education, and economic opportunities.

Country's Position

After the three powers (Legislative, Judicial, Executive) of the Republic of Costa Rica signed the National Pact on 2016, Costa Rica became the first country in Central America to reaffirm its unequivocal and high-level collective commitment to achieve the SDGs. Meanwhile, in the context of women’s advancement and gender equality, the UN’s 2030 Agenda has provided an opportunity for the country to develop SDG 5 and based it on its own urgency, customs, and colors to ensure all measures complied with national and international prerequisites and the interests of Costa Rican women and children.

Further actions have been taken by the country. Some of which are: 

1. The approval of Social Women’s Equality Law in 1990, 

2. The implementation of the Gender Sectoral Plan 2015 – 2018, 

3. And the development of Alberto Cañas Escalante 2015’s National Development Plan (PND). 

Since taking several momentous steps, Costa Rica has attained numerous positive outcomes within the context of alleviating gender disparity and its hegemonic masculinity culture, for example:

  1. Incorporation of women into the labor market has resulted in an outstanding increase in the country’s GDP per-capita from $4,712 in 1990 to $15,377 in the year 2015 (1)
  2. National Bank of Costa Rica (BNCR) has created numerous strategic action lines to design specific actions oriented toward working with a vulnerable public such as financial inclusion, subsidy programs, education, and entrenchment for womem
  3. The creation of local organizations like the Fund for the Promotion of Women's Productive Activities and Organization (FOMUJERES), the National Women's Institute (INAMU)



1. Empowering women through economic opportunities by endorsing Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in hopes to help women move beyond agriculture and domestic occupations and provide them guidance in creating their own microenterprise, as well as providing them with microcredits to prevent financial hardships when starting their businesses with the help of Multilateral Development Banks like OECD and World Bank

2. Ensuring accessibility to quality health services, formal and non-formal education by establishing a National Health and Education Plan with the assistance from UNCSW and UN Women. This aims to provides support to women and girls in rural areas like sending rapid support team of professionals to women in conflict zones.

  • In terms of health, we proposed the establishment of the Maternal Voucher System (MVS) and the distribution of Essential Package of Health and Mental Health Services (EPHMHS). 

  • Within the context of education , states are encouraged to provide gender-sensitive and child-centered programs that cohere with the National Women’s Literacy Development Policy as well as further improving their curricula with the help of UNCSW, UN Women, and UNICEF. 

3. Improving Mobility. Good vehicles and road infrastructure are perceived as a key link between potential accessibility and actual utilization of education and health services (Fiagbe et al., 2012). Médicins Sans Frontières and Kambia Appeal and Emergency Transport System are example of  NGOs that established an numerous eRanger motorbikes in rural Costa Rica and emergency obstetrics and neonatal care referral facility, maternity units and a free ambulance system f...