High School ECOSOC Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice - A


Sensen Zhang

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Delegate: Zhang Sensen

Country: Turkey

Committee: Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice – A

Topic: Restorative Justice in Criminal Matters


Many countries are really good at punishment. In many times they lock criminal up, But it's passive. It doesn't require people to act. However, if incarceration actually produced safety, we would have the safest country in human history. That's not what we have now. the core drivers of violence, for shame, isolation and inability meet one's economic needs and exposure to violence, and we lock those into prisons to try and keep people from committing further violence. But incarceration, exposes people to exactly the things that increase the likelihood they'll go on to harm others. What’s more, more than half of victims of violent kind, don't even call the police in the first place. They preferred nothing to everything we have to offer. Sometimes the person who can make the greatest contribution to a surv...